Colonialism & Anti-Colonialist Struggle

Support for John Graham Continues (April 2008)
The Police Killing of Frank Paul: Limitations of Public Inquiry & the Power of Protest (May 2008)
Race and Policing: Inquiry into Police Killing of Frank Paul Shows the Power of Protest (May 2008)
“There are Colonists” A reply to Avishai Ehrlich’s essay: Stop the War (January 2009)

Fire This Time Criticism

01) Public Letter on Ivan Drury’s resignation from Fire This Time
02) Open Letter from Ivan Drury to the members of Y3WA

03) Fire This Time’s response to Ivan Drury’s resignation

04) Mike Krebs Resigns from FTT, is assaulted by Ali Yerevani

05) FTT response letter to Mike Krebs
06) Nasim Sedaghat resignation letter to FTT
07) FTT responds to the resignation of Nasim Sedaghat
08) Kimball Cariou threatened by Ali Yerevani

09) Ian Beeching’s statement on Y3WA

10) VSF Letter on FTT intimidation
11) Letter to participants of March 16, 08 MAWO conference in Seattle
National Post Pro-War/Anti-MAWO Article

Fire This Time, Rightists and Others

Marxist-Socialist Theory & Practice

21st Century Socialism on the Move – Reflections on ‘The Path to Human Development’ (April 2009)
United Europe Represses the Right to Protest Against NATO (April 2009)


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